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Interview with Gina Daggett on

I was recently interviewed by Kathy Belge (Dipstick) on her Lesbian Life site.  She asked me some great questions about Jukebox.

Check it out!

Jukebox on the Lesbian Lounge

Denise + Donna

I spent happy hour last week with Denise and Donna at My Lesbian Radio in their "Lesbian Lounge."

They're such great women and I love their show.  Edgy, playful, hilarious!

Good times—after I FINALLY got onto the show.  Their toll free number in the US wouldn't accept my call from Vancouver BC.  Dipstick saved the day, though!  Thanks Dip!

The podcast (free!) from the show is now available on iTunes.  Check it out!

Vancouver Launch Party

Would you like to attend the Vancouver, BC Launch Party?  We'd love to have you, but space if limited, so please send a note to for an invitation.

Tues, Jan 25
Downtown Vancouver BC

The location of the event, Caya, is a beautiful, dynamic AMAZING space, one that has a new perspective, one focused on us—the homo-nation.  It's the first of its kind in Canada, and possibly the world, celebrating the individuality of us all and supporting the full spectrum of LGBTQA (Q=queer, A=ally).  Check it out online!

Proceeds from the books sales that evening will go directly to Qmunity, the stellar queer resource centre here in Vancouver.

Xtra West in Vancouver BC

The kind folks at Xtra West published a piece about Jukebox this week, where they said...
"It’s not that Jukebox, Gina Daggett’s debut novel, tells a story that’s never been told before. It’s not that she brings new twists to the lesbian love song that we’ve never heard before.

But Daggett’s voice is new, her take her own, her characters courageous and fresh. Together, they elevate Jukebox beyond the usual formula and make it a story worth sharing."

Regarding the party at Caya, please see the following blog for more information.  It's is invitation-only, so we need to know if you're coming.

New Website Coming Soon!

I'm so excited about the new website I've got in development with my dear friend Jill (Creative B'stro).

I'm posting a sneak peek here, and am so pumped about it.

It's a huge improvement from the original.

It's going to be really interactive and lots of fun.

Stay tuned.

Ernie's Launch Party

Just before the holidays, we had a HUGE party at Ernie's in Arizona to celebrate and launch Jukebox. It was kind of like breaking a bottle of champagne on the bow of a ship.

That night at Ernie's, I was surrounded by about 100 close friends/family, a number of who flew in as a surprise. It was the best night of my life. Seriously. The party just happened to also be my birthday so we took celebrating to a new level.

Here is a little video I made of the amazing evening...