Audio Book

Jukebox will be on bookshelves from here in Canada to the US to the UK, but it will also be in CD decks, computers and  iPods...

That's right, Bella Books is releasing an audiobook of Jukebox and yours truly gets to be the reader!

So, if reading isn't your thing, how about I do it for you and you can simply upload Jukebox to your iPod and take me on that killer road trip you're planning?  Just got back from a trip?  How about taking me on your morning runs?  On your lunch breaks?  On your commutes to work?

I've never done anything like this, but I'm stoked to give it a whirl.  I've looked into recording studios here in Vancouver, but am toying with having our BFF extraordinaire Mick help me set up a temporary home studio in the basement.

I'm also trying to find advice online about being an audiobook reader.

Will I read too fast?

Will I sound too monotone and put people to sleep--Bueller?

Any advice out there?

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