Jukebox Lemonade Stand

So, as the leaves fall off the trees, I'm sitting by the fire trying to get organized around marketing this little novel, Jukebox.  Although I'll have some help from my publisher, Bella Books, I've been reading up on book marketing strategies and, to be honest, it all seems quite daunting.  I keep reminding myself--small bites, one day at a time.

I've at least come up with task #1: Author Interviews

Today and tomorrow, I'm going to start by sitting down for them.  In the interviews, I'll talk about where the idea for Jukebox came from, how I wrote it, who the characters are, what my plans are for the film, and weird quirks about me and my writing rituals (there are plenty of those--in fact, I'm doing the splits while I type right now).

If you've got any ideas--besides by brilliant Lemonade/Jukebox Stand--send them my way.  If only it weren't fall and I didn't live in the Pacific Northwest.  Maybe I'll do a Hot Chocolate/Jukebox stand?

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